Digital Preservation Software Platform

Software for Digital Preservation

Download version 3.0.0, released 31 July 2013 AEST

The Digital Preservation Software Platform (DPSP) is free and open source software developed by the National Archives of Australia. The DPSP is a collection of software applications which support the goal of digital preservation.

The DPSP comprises:

  • Xena - Xena stands for XML Electronic Normalising for Archives. Xena converts digital files to standards based, open formats.

  • Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR) - DPR handles bulk preservation of digital files via an automated workflow.

  • Checksum Checker - Checksum Checker is a piece of software that is used to monitor the contents of a digital archive for data loss or corruption.

  • Manifest Maker - Manifest Maker produces a tab-separated list of digital files in a specified location. The manifest includes the checksum, path and filename of each digital file.

The digital preservation process is described in the following diagram:

DPSP overview


A DPSP installer is available, which installs all DPSP components.

The DPSP is released under the GPLv3, and is available for download.