DPSP Quick Start Guide

The DPSP Quick Start Guide describes how to start using the DPSP once it is installed.

For documentation on each of the DPSP components, please visit their respective websites (see the Links page for more information).

Dissecting the Digital Preservation Software Platform

Dissecting the Digital Preservation Software Platform (PDF, 600 kB) details the methods employed by the National Archives to ensure the effective preservation of digital records. It covers our approach to preserving digital records, how we develop our software, what the software does to preserve digital records and how we maintain the integrity of the digital records in our digital archive.

Reporting Bugs

To view or register a bug, visit the DPSP SourceForge bug tracker.

Requesting New Features

If you have any ideas which could enhance the DPSP, please submit a feature request via the DPSP SourceForge feature request tracker.